thank you for your interest in Opsilon Handpans. Opsilon is an instrument manufactory based in Süßen, Southern Germany. Our handpans are handmade by Rafael Sotomayor and can be tested and ordered at our studio or shipped directly to you worldwide. In case you'd like to pass by and test our instruments an appointment has to be made.

The Opsilon has a high demand but since we can only produce a few instruments in a month we have a waiting list of up to six months, depending on the instrument. The D Minor Opsilon for example, is a higly requested scale, which can be produced faster than others. In this case the waiting time is only about 1 month. 

We give priority to the people who come to our studio and pick up the instrument by themselves. This won't accelerate the manufactoring process, but you can skip a few spots if you decide to come and pick it up yourself instead of having the instrument shipped to you. You can also attend a handpan workshop of Kate Stone with the option to buy an instrument right after the workshop. 





Please send us an email with the topic "order opsilon", name your scale (don't forget to name all the tones from lowest to highest) and add your address incl. phone number if you choose shipping.

A standard Opsilon has 9 notes; the central lowest note (Ding) and 8 other notes on the upper surface. You can order a custom build instrument with more notes - for further information on this just keep reading. 

You'll receive a confirmation email once your order has been reviewed and accepted by our team. The arrival of the confirmation also means that you have been given a spot on our waiting list. 

We work as fast as we can without compromising the high quality of our instruments to keep the waiting time for you as short as possible. 

We will contact you once your instrument is finished to discuss testing / shipping and the payment method.



The current cost per instrument is 1850 € including our handpancare set "TurtleCare". A fitting hardcase is 160 € extra - for shipping it is necessary to protect the instrument.


Please note that due to the high demand, the small stock that can effectively be produced monthly and the constantly improving quality of the instruments, we will be updating the prices within the year 2019. 

Shipping wihtin the EU (European Union) 100.- € + fees

Shipping outside the EU (woldwide) 150.- €  + fees

The current delivery time is 3 weeks for a destination outside the EU.


All instruments are nitrated. Ding (central) plus 8 notes.
Extra notes: 150 € each. Top max. 2 extra, bottom max. 4.


The Opsilon allows a wide range of scales:

deepest note: B2 - highest note: E5.

Choose your favorite scale within that range or create your own! 

For some examples of scales just click HERE

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